Building a circular and inclusive economy

Did you know that scientists were considering that prickly pear will become very important in the near future, given the climate change?
This fruit can grow on extremely arid - and even desertic – lands, and therefore could play a key part in maintaining a local circular economy, thanks to all its benefits. According to the UN, the prickly pear has been designated as a food of the future. Indeed, the UN considers that this cactus, which provides water, fodder and food, could offer a solution to drought and famine in hot countries. Since the prickly pear tree stores water in its branches, the FAO insists on its benefits, and even mentions "a botanical well capable of providing up to 180 tons of water per hectare, enough to water five adult cows" in case of drought. Prickly pear improves soil quality, supports barley plantations and, according to preliminary research, may even help limit greenhouse gas emissions by reducing methanogenesis in ruminants when incorporated into their diet. 

Cruelty-free beauty

All Shaeri products are certified vegan and cruelty-free by ONE VOICE. We do not conduct animal testing in any part of our supply chain.

Ecocert - Ingredients

Our products are natural and organic with:
95% + of ingredients must be natural or of natural origin
95% + of plant ingredients are from organic farming
Our products are made without silicones, quarts, parabens, glycols (solvents), and animal by-products.

Packaging eco-designed & recyclable

Shaeri considers the environmental impact of our products and packaging costs at all stages of the life cycle.
All our tubes and packaging are made with 100% recycled plastic and 100% of our packaging is friendly recyclable.