What does Shaeri mean?

Shaeri means "my hair" in Moroccan, and it can also mean "my poem", "my motto". In Persian, Shaeri means "You are a poem", and in India it is a trend in love poetry.

Are Shaeri products organic?

We do our best to develop the most natural formulas possible: they are all over 95% natural. This is a major challenge because our products must be both effective and natural on curly hair. Whenever possible, we favor short circuits, and we also favor organic and ecocert raw materials in our curly hair care products. There are no ingredients of animal origin in our products... and of course, no Shaeri product has been tested on animals.

Where are the products made ?

Shaeri products are Made in France, entirely produced and manufactured in the Cosmetic Valley! And they thus answer all the European and French standards of quality.

The Shaeri care is appropriate for which type of hair?

Frizzy, kinky, curly, wavy hair and all types of dry hair.

Which routine for my hair?

Shaeri proposes two routines of care for hair:

Discover the power of prickly pear seed oil in the MAGIC CACTUS routine with prickly pear seed oil, and treat yourself to a moment of pure pleasure.
With its antioxidant powers, prickly pear seed oil is exceptionally rich in Omega-6 and vitamin E. This allows it to fight effectively against free radicals and cellular aging. This is why the MAGIC CACTUS range of products for curly and frizzy hair is particularly aimed at women who wish to regenerate and moisturize their curls in depth.

We have also developed an innovative and natural aloe vera haircare routine called DETOX.
The DETOX line offers the opportunity to moisturize curly hair from the roots to the ends. Whatever the type of curls, aloe vera is a privileged beauty ally. Its active ingredients allow to regulate the production of sebum, and thus to fight effectively against the phenomenon of greasy scalp and in parallel they allow to hydrate the lengths in depth.

Are the Shaeri products adapted for children?

The Shaeri products are with more than 95% natural, without sulphate, without silicone and without paraben thus not harmful at all for your small ends! Moreover we propose a specialized kit for the children made up of a Shampoo and a Detangling Care containing Bio Aloe Vera and all that without allergens.

How to dry curly hair?

The best way to dry your curly hair is, of course, to air dry it, which will respect your hair fiber and not dry it out. If you prefer a blow dryer, don't choose the highest temperature, prefer the least hot position. At best, opt for a cold air diffusion. Place a nozzle on your hair dryer to better diffuse the air!

Why is curly hair dry?

Curly hair is particularly dry because it grows in the form of a spring. Therefore, the sebum that is produced by the scalp has difficulty spreading to the ends, which is why the lengths are poorly moisturized and dry.

I am a blogger/influencer and I would like to collaborate with you: how can I do it?

You want to become a Shaeri girl, send us a message via hello@shaeri.fr or on our website. You can also contact us via Instagram and we'll talk!

Where and when can I contact Shaeri customer service?

You can contact our team by email at hello@shaeri.fr or via our instagram account (@shaeri.fr