Have you heard of Dancing with the Stars? What about Beyoncé's World Tour? Well, Hajiba Fahmy has participated in both! We're lucky enough to have one of Beyoncé's favourite dancers in our magazine, who tells us about her hair tops and flops!

So tell us Hajiba, who are you?

I am a young mother of 32 years old who loves all forms of scenic expression. Dancing chose me very quickly at the age of 6 and since then we have never let go ;)

How did you become a dancer?

Because my sister used to do it. And a family friend offered to take me and her daughter there every Wednesday ;)!

and this incredible success, how did it happen?

Success... I don't really like that word ;)

I would say that I worked hard and then was lucky enough to be in the right places at the right time I guess...

Here we talk about hair. What is the nature of your hair?

I had beautiful hair when I was younger, with beautiful, soft, shiny curls and very long hair :)

Today, it is thin and greasy very quickly: it is fragile and I can lose it a lot at times...

It's complicated: unfortunately I tie it up way too much! I had a lot of painful episodes related to my hair: I regretted bleaching my hair, I also went from beautiful long and curly hair to short and thin hair... :(

Then I also had a patch of hair on the back of my neck: it took a good year to grow back! On stage on tour I used to use fake hair to densify my poor, thin, flat hair, and by the time I got to the stage it had taken a good chunk out...
I often don't have enough time to take care of it so I end up tying it up, which obviously makes it greasy and breaks it! 

The questions we ask all our Shaeri girls:
What is your #hairflop?

I think I just listed my hair flops above 👆🏽

And do you have a #hairtips?

Rinse your conditioner with cold water!

And also sea water has a magical effect on my curls ;)

 Shaeri ❤️  Hajiba