... But what does Shaeri means?



Everytime somebody discovers the Brand, the first question she/he asks us is: 

"what does mean Shaeri?"

“Shaeri” means quite a few things in different languages. It maybe spelled differently depending on the language and the alphabet but is pronounced almost the same.  Shaeri means "my hair", poetry and poem


“شِعر” “shaer” in Arabic means a few things such as “hair”, “motto”, “poetry”, “rhyme” and lastly “song”. The first form of Arabic literature is poetry, which is known in Arabic as ash-shi'ru al-'Arabyyu. Oral poetry is said to have existed before the sixth century, when written poetry in Arabic came into being.

Urdu or Hindi

"Shayari" is an abbreviation of the Urdu/ hindi  word "shairi," which means "poetry." Shairi are poems that have at least one couplet or "Sher" in them. A "Ghazal," the most popular Urdu poetry structure, is made up of many couplets strung together.


"شعر" in Farsi the word means are “are you a poem? ” or “poetry”. The  poetry in Modern Persian in an incredibly rich and broad literary genre comparable to any other global language. A few pieces from the eighth and ninth century provide evidence of its existence.

While creating Shaeri, we loved the idea that Hair can be deeply connected to Poetry and we strongly believe that even Hair might be the most visible part of ourselve,  it is is also  deeply connected to our inner spirituality and emotions.

We added the "i" at the end, 'Shaeri', meaning "my hair", "my poem" or "my rythm".

"Ada Un Kaale Kaale Gesuon Ki Kuchh Niraali Hai,
Banaane Se Bigadte Hain Sanwaare Se Bikharte Hain."


                                           -Urdu Poem


"Beauty of those black black hairs they get spoiled by making, they get scattered by decorating"