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axelle tessandier

We met Axelle who agreed to answer... our hair questions! Usually, women in her position wear their hair in a neat bun, whereas she has always worn her hair proudly, whether on TV or at conferences!

So tell us Axelle, who are you? 

Big question ;) My name is Axelle Tessandier, I am the founder of Axl Agency, a think tank on the major issues of the digital revolution and a consultancy that I created in 2013 in the USA before returning to France in 2016. I created it to be able to create, explore, collaborate, and to allow me to make my curiosity my profession. I am an author and speaker. Committed and passionate about everything I do.

 Tell us a little about your hair. How is it? Do you have a special relationship with your hair or not?

My hair is wavy, voluminous, it's part of my personality. I never brush or straighten it. I feel like it protects me sometimes. When I was younger, I used to dream about it being straight. As I got to know myself, it's the opposite. I always want more curls!

We noticed that you often keep them natural and loose. Is this a voluntary choice? Is it a conscious move or not at all?

It's an obvious way of being. I don't wear much make-up either. I like them the way they are... I feel like they reflect who I am. A bit of a wild and free idea. I haven't used a hairdryer in... I don't even know, years! So the thoughtful thing to do is not to do too much of the right thing! Which doesn't mean I don't take care of it.

And how do you manage to have such beautiful hair? Does it take you a lot of time every day?

Thank you! There is a family thing, a fairly common hair nature. I wash it every day, it's too much, but it's almost a toc, I need even with a frequent use shampoo to do it! But it doesn't take me long. I have never done a colour or perm in my life. I haven't used hot air and blow dryers for years, so I don't know if that keeps them free of abuse. I'm veggie too... and I don't smoke nor drink. Like our skin, I think our hair is sensitive to our lifestyle choices.

We have 3 questions that we ask all of our Shaeri girls :

Your # Hair Top

My hair is perhaps my favourite thing physically, so it gives me a bit of confidence sometimes!

Your # Hair Flop ?

The lock of hair that falls into my eyes all the time. The short haircut which, with my hair type, gave me a "helmet" look that was not very flattering.

 Any # Hair Tips ? 

I always feel that the conditioner takes away my volume... So I put a small amount of shampoo after... I have no idea if it works but it's my amateur recipe ;))