Aurélie Saada

Aurélie Saada

Today, we are very happy to share with you our interview of beautiful Aurélie Saada, from Brigitte music band. She is so inspiring in so many ways - her personality, her lyrics, her voice, her strength and sweetness, her style (and hairstyles!)…

We talked about family, music, couscous, freedom, sorority, and hairstories of course! 

You compose, you write, you perform, you produce... Did you grow up in an artistic environment?

I grew up in a family that could look like the beginning of a Woody Allen movie: between a psychoanalyst mother and a gynecologist father... Freedom, enthusiasm, generosity, work, personal expression - and also good couscous, have always been respected values.

Your songs are often a mix between serious matters and happy melodies, like in “Sauver ma peau”, from Nues, Brigitte's 3rd album... Where does this 'soft power' come from?

The paradox, the nuance are for me essential in this world and in everything in general... I find that we attend more and more towards a confinement, a radicalization of words... with more and more decrease... and I find it sad and scary. I find the complexity so human, so it's true that when I write, I like to mix laughter and tears, hard lyrics on soft music; proposing paradox is offering another listening, another reading of things that in my opinion is more like the real life, where our emotions are not monochrome, and where maybe we take ourselves a little less seriously...

Your duo Brigitte, with Sylvie Hoarau, is precisely both powerful and very sweet, and also we feel a lot of complicity between you two: is this notion of duo important to you? Does it give you strength?

It's so nice to work together, as a duo, and also with others: the fruitful dialogue pushes you to be better, to move away from your comfort zone. I just finished writing a movie with Yaël Langmann (a very beautiful curly girl) and it's amazing to discover that beyond the friendship we have, there is also an opportunity to create, make up stories and give them life.

 I also have in mind this amazing moment when you and Sylvie went on stage (on the set of Quotidien) with your sisters, mothers, daughters, friends... it was so intense! Are you very much 'girls' gang'?

My life is surrounded by wonderful women, my daughters, my sister, my mother, my wonderful friends and all those I meet on the road. My world is essentially feminine. Sometimes I dream that I will end up living in a big house where I will live with them all, all generations... I love women, their career, their struggles, their stories, I like that we are different but together.

Tell us about your hair... where do you get your beautiful curls from? What kind of relationship do you have with your hair? You let is free, you play with it?

I am Berber, my father and my mother are from Tunisia. At home everybody has curly hair, and our hair is always a subject... it takes so much space in our lives... As a teenager and until late, I wanted to be like my girlfriends of the schools Lamartine and Condorcet, with very straight hair... I admit, I straightened it under the iron sometimes... Today I fully assume this free hair, which I must admit reflects my moods pretty well...

Besides, we feel a great freedom in the way you talk about fashion, style... with Sylvie, do you often play with fashion’s codes, with hairstyles?

With Sylvie we like to have fun, Brigitte is a real playground in image, it was so exciting on the second album to work on the twinning - although we don’t look much like each other, to wear wigs, to find in us what made us similar.


Finally, we have our 3 favorite questions:

What is your #hairtop?

I would say after giving birth, during several months I had the hair of my dreams... But all of this was just a dream obviously, and at the end of the hormones everything is gone...

And your #hairflop?

Pregnant, as I was seriously inflating, I decided to make a fringe... it was a real disaster. But fortunately this gave birth to a nice style effect... at this time, to cover this curly fringe, to control it, to flatten it, I carried on the head my old pearls’ necklaces, and one day my friend Anna Rivka - who is a jeweler - was fed up to see me fight with necklaces on my head and said 'I'm going to make you a jewel for your hair! A head band, and from there began our wonderful collaborations with her beautiful creations.

And your #hairtips?

I love when I just washed my hair, it may sound silly but before important appointments, I always found that it helps to have confidence in itself ...