5 oils on you!

5 oils for you!
Focus on our Magic Fig Care Oil, 99.04% natural origin, the darling of the Shaeri girls! It is composed of our 5 favourite oils, complementary like the 5 fingers of the hand. 5 is our lucky number!

Do you know the benefits of these oils?  

And first of all, a little reminder: in our products, we use both vegetable oils and essential oils... and we tend to confuse them, but they are totally different products! Vegetable oils are fats extracted from dried fruits, seeds or flowers. They contain vitamins and fatty acids, and have nutritive, softening, protective and regenerative properties that are very beneficial to the skin and hair.

There are no contraindications to their use and they can even be used pure. These oils are used as a basis for diluting essential oils, which are not actually oils but concentrates of volatile substances from flowers, stems, roots or leaves of plants. Essential oils also have great therapeutic virtues for the skin and hair (toning, purifying, soothing...), but be careful because they are not recommended for young children, pregnant women, or when exposed to the sun.

Let's focus on the 5 vegetable oils that make up our Skin Care Oil!

Regenerating prickly pear seed oil 

As you can see, this is our star oil, we don't need to introduce it anymore! Obtained by cold pressing the seeds of the catus fruit, it is still a very rare oil and not much used in cosmetics. It is very rich in linoleic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and sterols. It helps to fight free radicals and has a real capacity for cellular rejuvenation, particularly suitable for curly hair, which is often dry and dehydrated. It is also important to know that the vitamin E present in this oil protects the hair and scalp against dryness, heat (from the hair dryer for example), and breakage (due to brushing or chemical treatment).

Nourishing avocado oil

The avocado is an extremely nutritious fruit, and its pulp has a very rich consistency. The main active ingredients in avocado oil are lipids (mainly oleic acid, as well as palmitic and linoleic acids), vitamins (A, E and D), and minerals (potassium, manganese, silicon and phosphorus). And this mixture is excellent for the hair! The vitamins and fatty acids will help "condition" the hair, i.e. detangle it, and the powerful nourishing effect of the avocado oil repairs dry hair. And the combined action of the essential fatty acids and vitamin E also has an effect on hair metabolism, thus helping to prevent hair loss.

Re-balancing jojoba oil

Jojoba is one of the best cosmetic ingredients in the world, thanks to its excellent emolliency, hydration and oxidation stability properties. However, jojoba oil is probably also the most "misunderstood" cosmetic ingredient: it is not actually oil, but a liquid wax from the seeds of the jojoba tree (also known as the wild hazelnut tree) which grows in South America. The huge roots of this tree (up to more than 30 metres long!) allow it to "capture" moisture in desert soils, and it therefore has a very high resistance to drought. The composition of jojoba oil is close to that of human sebum, and it therefore has an excellent affinity with the skin and hair! Its dry texture and its composition, which is quite different from most vegetable oils, give it qualities that are highly sought after in cosmetics: it helps to strengthen the hydrolipidic film and regulate the flow of sebum in oily skin, and it restores strength and shine to hair - especially if the lengths are dry or brittle. Natural jojoba conditions the hair and prevents it from becoming brittle and dull when exposed to adverse conditions. It brings out the hair's natural shades and shine. 

Soothing sweet almond oil

Originally from the Middle East, the almond tree was spread in ancient times along the shores of the Mediterranean to North Africa and southern Europe, and more recently transported to other parts of the world, notably California. Rich in monounsaturated fats (the "good" fats, omega-9), fatty acids (omega-6), vitamins A, B, D and E, proteins and minerals (iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc), sweet almond oil has regenerative, anti-oxidant, moisturising, strengthening and emollient properties. Thanks to its high fatty acid content, it nourishes the hair in depth, strengthens damaged and weakened hair and makes it soft and shiny. It also regulates sebum production, relieves itchy scalp and gets rid of dead skin and dandruff. 

 Anti-oxidant camellia oil

Camellia oil is considered the "olive oil of East Asia", where it has been used for centuries for hair and skin care. This very valuable oil, obtained by a cold-pressing process of Camellia Oleifera seeds, is rich in essential fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids and omega-9, vitamin E, and also squalene (at a relatively high level, 2-3%), which is a natural component used in cosmetics as a moisturising and anti-oxidant agent. Thanks to its triglyceride composition, it penetrates the skin quickly without leaving any greasy traces or sensations, and mixes well with other oils. The remarkable composition of camellia oil gives it a powerful anti-oxidant activity and a high moisturising value.