Protect your hair from heat

How to protect damaged hair from heat.

Do you like to style your hair and use heat on your hair? If yes, there is a way to protect your hair from the damage

Provide hydration to your hair

Dehydration is the most common side effect of severe heat styling. Heat may dry out your strands, resulting in brittle-feeling, dull-looking hair, damaged hair, whether it's from the sun's UV rays, the water you use to wash, or your beloved flat iron. Make sure you're replacing your hair with moisture to prevent the drying effects of heat. Apply a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower and use a deep-conditioning hair mask once a week. We recommend our Intense care mask.

Always protect your length

Using blow dryers, curling wands, and flat irons on hair that hasn't been protected? That is not acceptable. This leads to damaged hair. You should add a heat protectant in your hair before using any hot tool. Many of these treatments aid in the formation of a protective coating surrounding the hair fiber, which can assist to prevent moisture loss and dryness. Furthermore, several of these products can assist to increase volume while still leaving your hair lustrous and smooth to the touch! Try using our Haircare Spray before styling your hair


Your hair should never (ever!) sizzle like a frying pan. It’s a recipe for damaged hair. If you hear a sound during style, it signifies your hair isn't completely dry and you're risking permanent damage. Never use hot tools on your locks unless they are totally dry!

Try keeping a low heat

When you do utilize the hot tools, make sure to pick the lowest level that allows you to get your desired effect. Flat irons and curling irons may typically be used on a medium setting to get the job done, and blow dryers can be used on their lowest heat level with the speed adjusted for faster drying. Furthermore, never leave a flat iron in one location for too long—if a portion doesn't look right, wait a minute and go back in once it's cooled down. When using curling irons, make sure your hair is only in the clamp—or wrapped around the barrel—for 5-10 seconds at most. This will ensure less damaged hair.

Have fun styling but remember always keep your hair protected!