Our inspirations: jewelry for your hair!

Hair accessories are a quick and easy way to make your hair look great without the hassle of a complicated hairstyle. Scrunchies and scarves are not to be outdone, but if you want to accessorise your hairstyle in a more original way, opt for hair jewellery! The tradition of head jewellery is particularly strong in North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. We offer you a little cultural recap followed by some more recent but equally original trends to accessorise your hairstyles with jewellery. 

Traditional jewellery

The African continent is the birthplace of human civilisation and humanity. It is also the place where people started wearing and making ethnic jewellery.

In traditional Berber communities, it is noticeable that the women's hair is largely covered by jewellery. Berber jewellery bears witness to the history of this people, a history of battles against the various occupiers. Berber women have always been richly adorned, with gold jewellery for those belonging to the richest families, and silver jewellery most of the time.

Kahina, the famous Berber queen whose story was later told by Gisèle Halimi, had to appear to the Arab invaders with her arms covered in bracelets and her hair almost hidden by an imposing diadem.

The decoration of Berber jewellery is almost exclusively geometric, and is very reminiscent of Celtic jewellery. Scrolls, or on the contrary very angular motifs, triangles, Amazigh letters with cut lines, are found identically on Berber jewellery, amphorae and carpets, from as far back as history can go, to the present day.

As in Berber communities, in the traditional tribes of sub-Saharan Africa, women often have their hair covered with jewellery. In this part of the continent, jewellery has long been used as a means of seduction, as a way of imposing one's power or as a way of protecting oneself from evil spirits, such as magical talismans.

Over time, sub-Saharan craftsmen have improved and developed their jewellery-making techniques. The wearing and especially the possession of old African jewellery or beads is believed to bring wisdom, hope, luck and well-being to the owner. The type and level of jewellery worn also represents the wealth of the wearer.

What kind of jewelry to wear in your hair?

If you want to add a touch of originality to your hair, hair jewellery is the ideal solution. What's more, it's perfect for all hair types, whether straight, curly or frizzy, left loose or tied up.

Hair rings

Hair rings can be worn on braids as well as on natural hair. These small iron rings come in different sizes and colours. From the basic shape to the more elaborate one with patterns and ornaments, you are bound to find something to suit you.
You can also use them to accessorise more classic braids. All you have to do is braid your hair - whether it's all of it or just a few strands - and preferably boxer braids (which are glued against the head) and then slip rings in here and there to add a little more sophistication to the style. On a braided hairstyle, it's the little touch that gives a certain refinement!

Pearls and shells

Together or individually, pearls and shells as hair jewellery will enhance your hairstyles. When it comes to pearls, you have a choice of colours and shapes. Coloured pearls to add colour to your hairstyle, transparent pearls for discretion or black pearls to match all types of braids or hairstyles. However, when it comes to shells, you don't want just any shell. In fact, opt for the essential cowrie shells. On the ends or the lengths, on a few strands or the whole hairstyle, cowries will enhance your hairstyle.

From headband to crown

The headband is a hair accessory whose power is still underestimated. A timeless object that will accompany you on every occasion in your life to enhance your hair. In the evening, its variations made of rhinestones and pearls will offer you a glamorous and festive look and transform your headband into a real jewel. The more sophisticated it is, the more it will look like a crown and allow you to become a real queen.

 Jewellery clips

Set with pearls, rhinestones, stones or gold jewels, the hair clip for women is back in the trends this year. Both discreet and colourful, this hair jewellery is essential for tying up and enhancing your rebellious locks for an evening hairstyle, a delicate ornament that will be the final touch to your outfit.