Our hairstyles ideas for spring!

idées coiffures printemps

Finally spring, it's time to release your curls and sublimate them with the most beautiful hairstyles for curly hair special spring.

It is not always easy to achieve a sophisticated hairstyle with curly, thick, and long hair. At Shaeri, we wanted to give you a recap of the best tips for revealing the natural beauty of your beautiful curls.
When you have curly, frizzy hair, do not hesitate to make beautiful buns or beautiful braids with a few curls falling on the face for an irresistible effect.

The most beautiful hairstyles for curly hair with a bun

For a job interview, a date, or even a weekend "chill" at home, opt for the bun in all its forms.

The low bun

The low bun, the perfect hairstyle to be elegant. You can tighten it or rather leave it wide for a very “relaxed” effect. For a job interview, prefer a tight bun, very professional, it will give you a serious look. To achieve this, nothing could be simpler: moisten your hair with a spray bottle with a little water and Aloe Vera, you can use the Daily Care to hydrate and fix the hairstyle. Comb your hair in order to flat it correctly and wrap your lengths on itself. Here you are with a ballerina look!

The combed/tousled looking bun

For an irresistible effect, the “rough” bun is a classic, its false “tousled” effect will charm you for sure!

The high bun

The top bun is the real trend of this year! Stick your hair with a little water and Aloe Vera in a spray. And let two long strands of your curly hair fall on your face. Define the curls with the Haircare Spray.

A pretty braid, for an incredible effect

Braids are the spring 2021 trend! Decline it in different ways: spiky, twisted, cascading or New York style, you are spoiled for choice, especially if you have long and thick hair.

The double braid

The double braid, a real treasure from our childhood, the favorite hairstyle of little girls. Today, it's back and more fashionable than ever. Even if it sounds technical, it couldn't be easier. Make it like a classic braid, but with a few strands in the front and the further you go in making it, the more strands of hair you add as you go. A few training sessions will suffice!

Duvet braids

For a more original and cute effect, go for two quilts braids. Make the braids in the same way as the previous hairstyle, but once at the nape of the neck, let your beautiful curly hair escape for an elegant and original look. To define the curls of your quilts, use the Soin Lavant or the Soin Intense in Leave-in for optimal results.

The hairy headband

The Headband has long combined trend and simplicity. Today it's the "Hairy headband", the same principle, but with your own hair. If you have long, wavy or curly hair, this hairstyle will look great on you! Make a braid on either side of your face and have them cross. Secure with invisible bars.

You are ready for spring!

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