How to take care of your hair during summer vacations?

How to take care of your hair during summer vacations?

Summer is here! Let's pack our suitcases and head up to beach, pool and sun! But summer vacations also mean sunburns, wind, sand, salt, and also chlorine for the swimming pool addicts... they are all the 'best enemies' of our curls, and might turn your beautiful hair into a very dry and dull mane if you don't use the right products the right way! So, in addition to your sunscreen, don't forget to pay a special attention to your curly hair, to ensure that it retains its moisture and shine!

The "summer vacation" effect on our beautiful curly hair ...

We all love this incredible sunlight effect that the sunrays bring to our hair during summertime, but unfortunately it's not good for our curls! By exposing them without protection under the UV, we might dry them, attack them and especially weaken them. So, just like our skin, our hair also needs protection!
For example, the chlorine of the pool is a bit like a detergent, and it can damage our curly hair and irritate the scalp! As for sea water, although it is an great asset for the hair thanks to its components such as iodine, sodium and sulfur, unfortunately its 'repairing powers' are disturbed by the harmful effects of sea salt and  sand.

Our hair is like our skin, so we must protect them from the harmful sunrays as well as external aggressions!

The right gestures to protect your curly hair on vacation!

Taking care of yourself on vacation also means protecting your curly hair! So don't forget to pack a hat, a cap or a scarf in your luggage to protect your hair and scalp, the first 'victims' of sun and salty air.
And in order to get rid of salt, sand and chlorine residues, it is important to rinse your hair with clean and warm water after each swim. After each day of bathing, wash your hair with a nourishing shampoo to moisturize it, and use a repairing conditionner that you will leave for at least ten minutes on your lengths!

Tips for taking care of your curly hair on vacation!

Following excessive sun exposure and seabathing, it's very important to use a sunscreen product to keep your hair hydrated and silky - every day, before and after each bath! 

Throughout your holidays, we recommend that you often apply a nourishing cream or oil on your lengths, to keep them hydrated and nourished! And as the weather is hot, just let your hair dry naturally, and forget the hair dryer that would amplify the damage!
Bye bye straw hair, say hello to beautiful mermaid's hair!