How to take care of your damaged hair during spring time?

How to take care of your damaged hair during spring time?

How to take care of your damaged hair during spring time?

 After the cold, the wind, the snow and all the bad weather it has been through, the hair is often weakened. So it's essential to give it special treatment in early spring, so that it can be reborn along with nature. Here are the curly hair care products you should adopt in spring.

Follow the rules for your shampoo routine!

Before doing any kind of care for curly hair, it is necessary to know the rules of a good shampoo. Curly and especially frizzy hair is usually dry. Not washing it properly can turn it into damaged hair.
This is because the shape of their curls does not allow the sebum produced at the level of the scalp to slide along the hair fibre as it does with straight hair. So there's no need to wash it too often, as this can dry it out even more. Once a week is more than enough. You should also make sure to use a mild shampoo.
After using shampoo, it is also necessary use a conditioner that will restore moisture and nourish the hair in depth. This step is even more important for damaged hair. If your hair is not dirty and your curls just need to be revitalized and refreshed, this is one of the best treatments for curly hair. Just wash it with a moisturising conditioner. It's a great treatment for curly and frizzy hair.

Style your hair in a way that respects your curls. 

After washing, make sure to wring out the hair without rubbing to avoid breaking the curls. To dry hair, it is recommended to use a diffuser and never the dryer directly on the hair, otherwise it causes frizz. Also, do not use a brush or comb on dry hair, otherwise you will end up with damaged hair! Instead, detangle before drying and style with your fingers every morning.
If you want to get a new haircut, it is best to get a dry cut. When wet, curly and especially frizzy hair gets very long. A dry cut allows the hairdresser to control the length, volume and the way the curls are positioned, as they are not identical all over the head.

Choosing the right care for damaged hair.

Curly hair needs more moisture than straight hair, especially if it is damaged. It should therefore be pampered with curly hair care. The oil bath is ideal for curly hair. The combination of nourishing oil and heat from the skull nourishes the hair deeply.

Once or twice a week, it is advisable to apply a conditioning and/or moisturising mask, either homemade or store-bought, to give the hair a boost. You can also use a leave-in moisturiser after washing and daily on dry hair to restore moisture to damaged hair. Follow the leave-in with a small amount of vegetable or dry oil to seal in moisture, protect and add shine to the hair.