Hair: use the summer to try the no-poo technique

Hair: use the summer to try the no-poo technique

Why no-poo in summer? What are the benefits for the hair?

Coming straight from the United States, the no-poo has gradually become part of many women's hair routine. This technique, which can be considered as a kind of detox for our hair, translates into French as "without shampoo". In concrete terms, it consists of replacing industrial shampoo with a 100% natural treatment. This new way of washing hair is suitable for all hair types, especially curly, frizzy and frizzy hair. However, it is not recommended for people with hyperseborrhea or dandruff. And to try it, summer is the best time. In fact, during this period, our hair is subjected to various aggressions - sun, sand, sea water, swimming pool water, etc. - which can make it more fragile. To look after your hair and prevent it from being dry, dull and damaged when you return to school, you can go no-poo. The idea is not to stop shampooing immediately, but to space them out, to replace one out of three with a natural product, then one out of two... To adopt a different beauty routine in short. And if you are satisfied with this hair technique, all you have to do is continue after the summer! Also, don't hesitate to vary the ingredients when preparing your hair: chickpea flour or cornflour, aloe vera, bicarbonate or cider vinegar for example.

A natural technique to take care of kinky, curly or frizzy hair.

The fact that no-poo has won over so many women is no coincidence. This method is less expensive, since you skip the "shampoo" stage and therefore no longer need to buy any (or less regularly). Similarly, you can make your own hair product with bicarbonate, cider vinegar, cornstarch or chickpea flour. These are all ingredients that are often found in the kitchen. You can also add aloe vera. And because this technique is natural, it is more respectful of frizzy, curly or kinky hair because it does not weaken it, nor does it make it dry or brittle. It also removes harmful ingredients and active ingredients that are still found - unfortunately - in shampoos. 

In addition, the no-poo is more environmentally friendly and helps you save time in your beauty routine. And most importantly, this technique really does have benefits for kinky, curly or frizzy hair. Over time, the lengths are shinier, the hair has more volume, it is softer, healthier and more beautiful. And no-poo does not mean no more hair washing. It's about doing it differently. So it doesn't get dirty or smell bad.

Summer is the right time to adopt this beauty routine.

Would you like to try out this technique? We advise you to do it this summer. It's the ideal time of year, because at this time, people often like to have more natural hair and don't necessarily want to spend hours in the bathroom, especially during the holidays. It's also a quieter time for hair experiments. And if you're convinced, it allows you to start the new school year with a new routine. And it's easy to implement, since it doesn't involve a huge change. All you need to do is replace a shampoo with a natural treatment based on bicarbonate, cider vinegar, aloe vera, cornstarch or chickpea flour, which you can prepare at home. In the shower, wet your curly, frizzy or frizzy hair and massage your mixture into your head with your fingertips. Then detangle your hair and rinse. If you don't feel like doing it yourself, opt for a silicone-free conditioner.

So, if you feel like adopting the no-poo routine, don't wait any longer, do it this summer!