Damaged hair: hair care and tips to remedy it!

Damaged hair: hair care and tips to remedy it!

How to care for your hair without weighing it down?

Hair is fragile by nature and absolutely requires special attention for its good health. This attention must be even more focused when it comes to damaged hair. Between hair care for kinky hair, hair care for curly hair and hair care for straight hair, we are sometimes confused about the ideal routine to adopt for our hair. If this sounds like you, check out our tips for restoring your hair's shine.

 How to maintain damaged hair

Stress, pollution, the change of season and aggressive care are generally the causes of dull and tired hair. To repair it, it is important to opt for adapted and effective care.
For intensive treatment of damaged hair, it is recommended to use regenerating and moisturising masks, especially those based on olive or castor oil to revitalise the hair fibre. These oils are very present in curly hair care products and in kinky hair care products because of their numerous virtues. Prickly pear oil is also known for its moisturising and nourishing properties. That said, steam masks are also highly recommended for deep hair repair.
To wash your hair, use an ultra-gentle, ph-neutral shampoo. Then, to restore shine to damaged hair, always apply a conditioner and comb it carefully to remove split ends. When applying your hair care products, gently massage the scalp to activate the microcirculation and thus facilitate the penetration of the treatment. However, to avoid heavy hair after treatment, hair products can be applied directly to the scalp every other day, especially if you are using hair care products for curly hair, which is voluminous in nature.  Apart from the above-mentioned masks, you can also apply natural remedies for your damaged hair. The egg and honey mask (widely used in curly hair care), for example, provides a deep cleansing and softening of the hair fibre. The clay mask also has revitalising properties and not only reduces the excess sebum that makes hair heavy, but also tones the roots and lengths. 

How to keep your hair looking good?

Repairing damaged hair is a process that does not stop with nourishing masks and oil baths. To avoid falling back into the cycle of repairing damaged hair, you should avoid frequent colouring, which weakens the hair, and the use of aggressive products.

Also, the daily diet is intimately linked to hair health, so you should opt for a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables and less fat for better shine. This is just as important for curly hair care as it is for kinky hair care.

Also, when drying your hair, use a terry towel to wring out the water, then set your dryer to a minimum temperature, and place it six inches away from your head to avoid breakage. So now you know how to treat damaged hair without weighing it down.