Benefits of a head Massage

Benefits of a head Massage

Head massages are always a treat. Head massages efficiently relieve headache symptoms, decrease tension, and promote hair growth, in addition to all the sensory delights they provide.

Relieves Headaches

Head massages can help relieve migraines and other types of headaches. A shooting ache around the head is common when stress or tension builds up in our necks, heads, or upper backs.

Headache is a common condition that affects practically everyone. A good head massage, on the other hand, can help relieve the symptoms of stress-induced headaches and migraines by applying the right pressure to particular pain sites. A head massage can also aid to enhance blood flow to the brain.

Improves Hair Growth

A bad diet and pollution may harm your hair, which is why you should have a head massage. The blood circulation to the roots improves when you get a head massage. Higher blood circulation indicates better nutritional absorption by the roots, resulting in better or enhanced hair growth. Regular massage also helps to avoid scalp problems including dryness, dandruff, flakiness, and other issues that can stifle hair development

Reduce Stress

Nowadays, stress is a huge issue. Stress can also contribute to other health problems, such as digestive problems, sleeplessness, and so on. A head massage, on the other hand, can help reduce it. A peaceful and tranquil mind is the result of improved blood circulation. Massage can also help you feel more energized, relieve discomfort, and enhance your overall physical and mental health.

Regular massages have been shown in studies to benefit our mental health and overall well-being by targeting our scalp and head. Receiving a head massage from someone else might help us relax and unwind.

Prevents Hair Damage

Damage and breakage are common in dry and brittle hair. However, protecting your hair from damage may be accomplished by rubbing your scalp and hair with a healthy oil. Continuous exposure to hair styling chemicals, the sun, dust, and pollution can also harm your scalp and hair. A decent head massage, on the other hand, can help to prevent these negative effects and increase the condition of your hair.

How to massage your head at home?

 We have a video on Instagram which you can refer to or read below!

6-7 easy Steps!

1. To begin, sit comfortably, ideally on a comfy chair or stool.

2. Using a tail comb, create parts in your hair.

3. Work the oil into your scalp in circular movements with the tips of your fingers. We recommend our multi-use oil or any oil of your choice

4. Make sure that the movements are calm and soft, and that no violent movements are used.

5. Apply a tiny amount of oil to your whole scalp, back of your neck, and sides of your ears.

6. Allow at least half an hour to an hour for the oil to sit on your hair and scalp.

7. You may even leave the oil overnight if desired. Wash your hair with a shampoo the next morning.


A head massage is beneficial to your hair. Massage your head on a frequent basis to reap the most advantages.