Le Parfum

Shaeri presents Le Parfum, a new natural formula that perfumes the hair as much as it beautifies it. It is a true care ritual.

With Le Parfum, the Mediterranean meets, mixes and harmonizes in a singular creation. The lively scents of juicy green fruit from a Marrakech orchard are warmed by the sunny scent of Tangier fig trees, while cedar wood from Lebanon envelops the senses with its deep notes.
With Le Parfum, a new skincare ritual is taking shape. Le Parfum has been formulated as a skincare product, with the same high standards and the same precision: 0% alcohol and 99% ingredients of natural origin. The high content of organic prickly pear seed oil intensely moisturizes and deeply nourishes the hair fiber. Better protected, more resistant, the hair is soft, shiny and radiant.

Illustration Lamia Ziade

The new beauty step for all hair

0% alcohol
99% of ingredients of natural origin
100% vegan
100% made in France

An illustration by Lamia Ziadé

Lamia Ziade, artiste libanaise

Le Parfum is also a meeting with the Lebanese artist and author Lamia Ziadé. Known for her vision and intimate knowledge of the Middle East, the artist has dressed the bottle as the packaging of the perfume. Lamia Ziadé has produced several illustrated books on Lebanon and the Middle East. "Bye Bye Babylon", "O Night, O My Eyes" and "My Great Arab Melancholy", which, in a powerful and intimate style, tell the story of this region.