Shaeri's new leave-in cream for curly hair is here!

shaeri's new leave-in cream for hair

You probably already saw it on our social media but in case you haven’t, we can say it one more time: our leave-in cream is here! It’s THE brand new product that you need to complete our detox routine.

What exactly is a leave-in cream and how do I use it?

Natural and intensely hydrating, our leave-in cream is perfectly adapted to kinky, frizzy, curly, and dry hair, it also helps repair damaged and colored hair.
The leave-in cream will make your hair softer and therefore easier to style, all while being 99% natural ingredients making it a haircare staple you can use without worrying about damaging your hair in the long run.

How to use the leave-in cream? 

The good part about this cream is you can use it as much as you want! No rules apply!

 A knob of the product is enough, you can either apply it on dry or wet hair and don’t forget to insist on your hair length.

It’ll enable you to flaunt frizz-free, defined and flawless curls until your next wash !

And since it’s the holidays season, you must be looking for hairdo ideas !

Shaeri has got your back, you can check out our live on Instagram with the famous hairstylist Olivier Lebrun who will show you all different ways to style your hair for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

The leave-in cream ingredients? 99% natural? Yes ! But what are the ingredients?

 First of all, the leave-in cream is made of 4 precious oils that will repair your hair from the roots: Argan oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and our star ingredient :  the one and only prickly pear oil.
 The component that’ll help regenerate your hair is the shea butter whose benefits are no longer to be presented, for more shine in your hair aloe vera is the one thing we couldn’t ignore.And because we don’t only care about treating your hair, we mixed in orange blossom water to add an irresistible scent to your luscious locks.
All these ingredients combined give the leave-in cream a super smooth texture and a sensual perfume.

The little thing this product has 

Our leave-in cream was made in collaboration with 10 extraordinary women: actresses, models, businesswomen whom all had at heart to create a cream that is adapted to all types of hair especially frizzy hair. They all tried our cream and liked it.

It’s now your turn to test our natural leave-in cream and tell us what you really think on our social media platforms !